Abbvie, Fight Against Back Pain

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The agency supported Abbvie in their fight against back pain with a quirky campaign: “Don’t turn your back on it”.


  • Year 1: Creation of a quirky and impacting campaign about back pain and centered around a K-pop video, amplified by an active social networking (Facebook, Twitter) and blogging, all of this supported by an annual media, PR, e-PR strategy.
  • Year 2: Conception and implementation of a new quirky campaign centered around an operation with MinuteBuzz, supported by a strong social campaign and a large PR plan.

All of this strengthened by an annual and ambitious online media plan.

Scope of Work

  • Concepts, strategy, and implementation for 2 years.
  • Annual and highlights campaigns steering:
    • Social
    • Online Media
    • Content Creation
    • Video Production
    • PR
    • Patients Association Coordination

Key Figures

From the first year:

  • 2,2 million views on the K-pop video clip
  • Fulfilled online surveys X12
  • +340.000 clicks on the website (X8)
  • 120 media impacts: M6 and France 2 TV news, 20 Minutes…


  • Digital Communication Awards – Viral video clip – with honors
  • Top Com Consumer – Product – Silver