Percept’s Creation of Disruptive Branding for an Australian Company

Percept Brand Design
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Brand designers, Percept, helped Explore4 set the stage for an exciting start-up journey with disruptive branding.


Embarking on a groundbreaking venture, Explore4 required branding that would establish them as a dynamic startup with robust financial backing, poised to redefine the landscape of 4WD Rentals.

Brand designers, Percept, conducted an immersive brand discovery session, delving deep into the core of Explore4, unraveling its distinct essence and embracing a forward-thinking vision.

With a fleet of fully equipped 4WDs, Explore4 ensures that no journey or insurance policy lies beyond the grasp of the avid adventurer. A pivotal revelation from our exploration was the owners’ preference for a hands-off approach, emphasizing the need for seamless integration from the initial booking stages right through to vehicle pickup.

This commitment to a fluid and effortless experience formed the backbone of our progressive brand strategy, positioning Explore4 to disrupt the conventional norms of the 4WD Rental category. More than just a rental service, Explore4 promises a transformative adventure, blending the thrill of exploration with an impeccably streamlined process. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey where innovation meets efficiency – welcome to the Explore4 experience.

Brand Strategy

In a class of its own within the 4WD rental sphere, Explore4 is redefining the adventure landscape by prioritizing experiences and collaborating with clients to discover uncharted territories.

To distinguish Explore4 from the competition, Percept devised an innovative business model featuring a membership club for exclusive discounts and specials, coupled with an itinerary bank for personalized exploration. Breaking away from traditional insurance norms, we crafted a relatable personality catering to global travellers and free-spirited grey nomads.

Explore4’s strategic brand positioning diverges sharply from typical rental companies, ensuring a distinctive appeal in the market. Leveraging AI in the back-end, the portal aligns seamlessly with their hands-off philosophy, enhancing efficiency and elevating the adventure experience. Explore4 is not just a rental service; it’s a revolutionary approach to exploration, promising a journey that transcends expectations.

Brand Positioning

Percept, crafted the core brand house.

Brand Vision — We envision a world where every individual, whether a fresh or a seasoned explorer, can revel in the thrill of off-road journeys, forging their own path with unwavering protection.

Brand USP — We are the vanguards of fully equipped 4WD rentals, seamlessly uniting accessibility, adventure, and simplicity into an experience worthy of heroes. Our solemn vow is to ensure that every traveller, regardless of their abilities, can boldly navigate and triumph in the deep wonders of the great outdoors.

Brand Story — Explore4 stands as a bastion of empowerment for adventurers. Our purpose is simple yet profound: to ignite the spirit of exploration within every soul. With our fleet of fully equipped 4WD vehicles, we arm you with the means to conquer uncharted territories, unveil unseen horizons, and etch enduring milestones into your travel memories.

At Explore4, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, beckoning you to seize the opportunity and forge a legacy of discovery.

Brand Proposition — The no frills 4WD company arming you to conquer uncharted territories and unearth new horizons.

Brand Identity

The Explore4 brandmark, ingeniously designed, draws inspiration from a compass, incorporating the dynamic X of 4×4 and the bold letter X for Explore4.

The wordmark is meticulously balanced with title case, and the tail of the 4 strategically cut, allowing the brand to seamlessly transition into full-bleed mode.

The coordinates embedded in the branding serves as a geographical guide to the exciting destinations one can explore with Explore4. Complementing this, a set of distinctive line iconography simple and refined, perfectly echoing the brand’s commitment to a no-nonsense offering.

A progressive sans serif font and fluid setting allows flexibility to seamlessly shift between different channels. This adaptability not only enhances the brand’s visibility but also ensures a cohesive and dynamic presence.

In the realm of photography, the tone is vibrant, pulsating with life and movement, capturing both the grounded essence and expansive sky of the Explore4 experience. This dynamic visual language reflects the brand’s adventurous spirit and its dedication to delivering a journey filled with energy and vitality.