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A carefully developed and smartly designed website, with implemented easy-to-use search features created for a Work and Travel agency.

About the Project

The project required a solution for a big information pool online. The base of users was huge and quite complex. We’ve agreed that the perfect solution is a combination of unique design and easy-to-use search interface.


The primary goal was to make a website search as simple as possible. We came up with strategic search criteria to access the immense database. Through different parameters, we managed to create a filter that clearly guided the visitors to their desired location. All jobs were listed, divided into categories, regions, duration of employment, and an hourly rate.

In order to encourage visitors to become a part of the work and travel program statistics section was added. The base was directly linked to websites user database and was showing real numbers, not random nonsense.

Since the audience of the agency is college students we put a lot of effort into a mobile version of the website. The whole content was optimized for fast operation, the menu had only a few important buttons, and the search was highlighted for a quick use.