Brand Identity for Green Coast Hill

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The vibrant brand identity of the newest gem on the Albanian Riviera captures the dynamic energy where the Adriatic Sea meets rugged hills.

The Challenge

Green Coast Hill, a provider of coastal residences, including villas and apartments, in Albania, faced the challenge of establishing a compelling brand identity to kick-start their digital presence. Their aim was to differentiate themselves in the competitive real estate market and effectively communicate the unique lifestyle offered by their properties.

The Solution

Our agency conducted thorough research on the target audience, market trends and competitors in the real estate industry. Working closely with Green Coast Hill, we developed a comprehensive brand identity that reflected their values, vision and desired positioning. This included creating a distinct logo, defining a cohesive color palette, selecting appropriate typography, and crafting supporting brand assets. The result was a strong visual identity that captured the essence of their coastal residences and conveyed a sense of luxury and serenity.

The Result

The new brand identity for Green Coast Hill yielded significant results.

  1. It effectively communicated the uniqueness and appeal of the company’s coastal residences to its target audience.
  2. The cohesive visual language established a memorable and consistent brand presence across various marketing channels and materials.
  3. Green Coast Hill experienced increased brand recognition, higher customer engagement and a rise in enquiries for its coastal properties.
  4. The brand identity received positive feedback from both the client and their target audience, establishing a strong foundation for the company’s digital presence.