Building Brand Consistency, One Brand Element at a Time

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Help a world-renowned interior brand create a more consistent brand experience by solidifying the brand strategy and refreshing the brand identity.


A strong brand foundation designed to improve consistency and offer a memorable brand experience. The refreshed brand is supported by a brand compass, brand values, a brand personality, and brand guidelines.


The brand refresh ensures brand consistency across all of HKliving’s touchpoints and will be incorporated into a renewed and future-proof corporate website. Stay tuned!


HKliving is a Dutch interior brand whose bespoke collections are available in 70 countries. The brand has a diverse product portfolio that is seasonal and always changing. This made it challenging to define brand guidelines and establish a consistent brand identity. They needed a powerful brand foundation that would help provide a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

We solidified HKliving’s brand strategy and developed a brand personality based on their values: accessibility, heritage, and authenticity. HKliving had multiple typefaces, and photography styles, but no brand guidelines.

We tested different elements and created mockups to see what was working and what needed work. Brand guidelines were put in place to ensure HKliving’s brand identity remains consistent even when their products change over time.


The creative challenge was to figure out how to tie all elements together into a coherent visual language. Keeping the soul of the brand alive was key.

Because of the seasonal nature of HKliving’s products, the brand works with an extensive color palette. New colors would be added each season, and some collections would use more colors than others. We defined their color guidelines to allow for a flexible visual identity: every season, four colors are picked based on the new collections.


HKliving was using a hand-written vintage typeface. It’s a strong, playful font with a big character – a true reflection of their craftsmanship. To incorporate this into their renewed identity, we opted for a modern, digitized version of the typeface with rounded off letters that makes it easier to read on screens.

In the end, we delivered a brand guide containing all refreshed brand assets: animated logo, typography, photography guidelines, color palette, and a streamlined set of iconography.