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Chur – Wi-Fi sharing solution that connects users to 70 million hotspots in over 180 countries.

About the Project

Chur is an IoT and AI-based app that revolutionizes the way people use Wi-Fi. It aims to offer free, seamless, and secure internet access to billions of hotspots, all over the world, including planes, trains, hotels, and tourist sectors.

The Challenge

Chur vision is to meet the modern consumer’s expectation of always being connected to the internet. The access to Wi-Fi is established with the best network available at the moment and gets better over time with inbuilt ML.

The Solution

From the beginning, we were committed to delivering the best results for our partners.

We crafted software that builds, manages and monitors networks from all over the world. More than this the platform leverages the AI potential and pushes the app to constantly improve based on data gathered from millions of daily records