Creative Deco — Creation of a Successful Brand on Amazon

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Making the Creative Deco brand stand out from the crowd.


Creative Deco was created with the aim of empowering both professional and hobbyist artists, with high-quality products. The Company also wanted to support the youngest artists, which is why high-quality art supplies designed for children & professionals were created, with all products available on the most popular eCommerce platforms across Europe, and the United States.


The entire range is available on international sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay & Allegro, The company focuses on products from natural raw materials created exclusively in Europe such as natural chemicals, wood, glass or paper. Our relationship with customers, their input and feedback made it possible to build a brand with a well-designed range of products.

The Challenge

A small entrepreneur with limited resources, no online sales and a non-recognizable brand. Full digitization of business activities was required.

Actions taken

Having analyzed sales within the target category, we learned that Amazon will be the best platform to start with.  We created listings and accounts from scratch that included Amazon account setup and verification, brand registration, settings optimization, GS1 implementation, content creation, image optimization, A+ content creation & implementation, and storefront creation.

The next step was the implementation of FBM & (Pan European) FBA sales, with assisted in great depth VAT registration process as well as internal processes for swift pick & pack process for both FBM & FBA sales channels. Once that was done, we have taken care of the daily account management, which included: resolving technical issues, multi-lingual customer service, report generation & analysis, shipment creation, shipment reconciliation, feedback management, PPC management, and Inventory performance index management.

Based on the success on the Amazon European markets, a decision regarding further expansion to North America had been made. As a result, a thorough market and competition analysis is carried out, and sales on Amazon US and CA were initiated. The last step was to increase presence through other European e-Commerce platforms.