Custom Offsite Web Application for a Large Promotional Campaign

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We were challenged with building a solution that could handle high user demands as well as integrating with Strava.

The Brief

Over the summer of 2019, Halfords ran the ‘Really Ready for Summer’ campaign in partnership with StoryLab & Mail Metro Media. Halfords required a custom offsite web application to encourage users to take part in the hundreds of bike rides, walks and scooter routes across the UK. Halfords had budgeted for rewarding customers with discounts on their products for completing a Strava challenge.

Our Solution

Shoothill delivered the Halfords Discovery Hub, which provided customers with a way to view and access all of Halford’s recommended days out that were curated by MailMetroMedia. Every route was given a difficulty, user star rating and the route was visualised on an interactive map. Halfords offered a £10 voucher to participants who completed 5 of the activities in the hub. To track this, we added Strava integration via their Challenge API, which would link to the user’s Strava account and update the Hub dashboard. Once a user had completed the goal of five completed activities they would automatically receive an email containing a unique code to claim their voucher.


The project was a massive success, with the Discovery Hub being delivered in an incredibly tight timescale using Agile methodology. Tens of thousands of people interacted with the campaign with plenty going on to claim their £10 voucher. The solution worked faultlessly throughout the campaigns and has been renewed for winter 2019.