Dare To Dream

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This is the story of Beyond Codes – one of the top B2B lead generation companies, which wanted to grow its team strength by as much as 50 percent.

The Client

Beyond Codes, a B2B lead generation company, wanted to grow its team and, to achieve this, was eyeing the best talent in its industry. Although it had established its business well in the market and had a great employer reputation among its employees, it still lacked the right employer branding strategy to attract the right kind of talent.

Here’s how Beyond Codes was able to achieve its goal and start receiving quality job applications with a little help from Markivis.

The Opportunity

At Markivis, we believe that every great strategy begins with research. It goes without saying, we did our research about Beyond Codes – its industry, its challenges, its history and what actually drove its employees to work.

We interviewed its employees, including leaders from senior management. We also spoke to its new joinees. And some of the stories literally gave us goosebumps!

The Execution

We understood that the company had a great work culture and offered employees infinite opportunities to learn, grow and excel. It was a place where people could come with their dreams and see them coming true.

What we did next was, we compiled some of these stories together and packaged them in powerful video testimonials.

  • We redefined Beyond Code’s employee value proposition.
  • We revamped its careers site.
  • We built its microsite.
  • And launched an employer branding campaign that connected all the dots under the theme name of ‘Dare to Dream’.

The Results

Over a three-month period, the site attracted over 1,200 sign-ups, as well as support from an overwhelming number of organizations, government officials, and others. Specifically, Beyond Codes:

  • imporved its employer brand score
  • gained employees’ trust
  • gained industry recognition
  • maintained and built its brand repertoire.

‘Dare to Dream’ became the new employer identity of this fast-growing global organization. It also enabled it to acquire, engage and retain top talent – the foundation of any company’s unhindered growth.