Debating Today’s Polarising Topics Online

Alchemy Asia
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Creating the first online debate series for The Economist on today’s polarising topics. The sponsor of the first series was Standard Chartered Bank.


A brand promise without substance or true relevance to consumers. A very expensive campaign that did little to change perceptions. Burning unanswered question was ‘what to do next?’


Provide substance to the brand promise through openly engaging in a meaningful debate about the issues surrounding sustainable business practices.

Truly progress understanding around the issues.

Have the courage of your convictions – ask the hard questions and don’t be afraid to be criticized.


  • Length of External debate: 2 weeks
  • Unique site visits: 26,000+
  • Video views: 6,000+
  • Votes: 1,800+
  • Comments: 420+
  • Very considered contributions: 450 A4 pages of comments

password: alchemy