Earth Ratings Web App Design

Bozka Design
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Earth Ratings helps people to consume consciously with consideration of the environmental impact of the products.

With rough wireframes as a guide, we created a web app prototype for Earth Ratings to provide an MVP.

Target Audience

We defined our target audience as high middle-class people who can afford to be conscious consumers. Most likely they are millennials who are concerned about the environmental and social impact of the manufacturing goods.


Besides the challenge of creating a smooth and trustworthy UX for our target users, we faced quite a lot of difficulties with the architecture and UI. The most interesting challenges were:

1. To visualize the impact percentage as clearly as possible, without losing the details.

2. Design a temporary, yet, viable solution for the purchase flow that will partially happen outside of the app.


While designing the prototype for Earth Ratings we ran quick internal user tests that aimed to check the correctness of the flows and UI. After the demo was completed, Earth Ratings ran the user testing with target users. We used its insights to improve the existing prototype even more.