Enterprise Software Application Development

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Dexoc presents an enterprise software application to solve the biggest challenges for large organizations and enterprises.

About the Project

Dexoc came up with an enterprise software application development solution to solve the biggest challenges for large organizations and enterprises.

This software application, based on SharePoint Online serves as a perfect solution for large-scale enterprises looking to improve their operational efficiency through collaboration. The key purpose that the application serves is connecting disparate systems across a business to streamline workflows, increase transparency, and improve document management. The inconsistent information across departments becomes unified at one platform, making it easily accessible and usable for collaborative decision-making.

Dexoc has provided BizTalk application development services since 2010. Through BizTalk, we have integrated and managed automated business processes with the exchange of different business documents among different and disparate applications. The business documents include purchase orders and invoices, etc. BizTalk is gaining much importance as almost every organization is dealing with different types of applications with diverse technologies and they are required to integrate to get the ultimate product.