How To Make 1000% ROI for the Email Marketing Channel?

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We increased the income of an online store of niche perfumery by 800% and achieved a stable income in the post-quarantine period and an ROI of 1000%.

Task: Growth of income and the number of transactions in the store due to email newsletters.

Solution: Systematization of mailings, and use of both promotional and branded letters.

The period of work with the client on the “Email-marketing” service: March 2019 – September 2020.

Result: Stable monthly email revenues have nearly doubled. And in one of the quarantine months, we managed to reach the figure of + 800%. The ROI for the email marketing channel was about 1000%.

Email newsletter service: eSputnik

Period 1. Pre-quarantine. March 2019 – March 2020


In February 2019, Aromateque turned to ADINDEX to get email marketing organized.


After carrying out and coordinating all the preparatory work, already in March of the same year (a month after contacting us), we launched the first letters with an updated design. It was during the eight March’s promotions, so the mailings looked like it.

First results

After the first month of email newsletters, we received 17 transactions for an amount significantly exceeding the previous indicators (see Fig. 1) before the company contacted the agency. That preceded by a month of preparatory work, which included a discussion of strategies, coordination of a media plan, segmentation of the database, writing a TOR, and making the necessary settings in the eSputnik service, with the help of which we did email newsletters later.

The participation of the client is essential in the whole process because much depends on his last word. And here, I would like to note that with the Aromateque, we managed to establish excellent communication, which positively affected the quality of our joint work.

Results for the first year of cooperation (March 2019 – March 2020)

In the first year of cooperation between Aromateque and ADINDEX, using email marketing, we managed to:

  • receive 363 transactions;
  • attract 5,996 unique visitors to the site;
  • earn 87.35% more.

Period 2. Quarantine. April 2020 – September 2020


In April 2020, Aromateque’s offline stores closed because of the quarantine due to the COVID pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people found themselves in self-isolation, so our task was to support customers in every possible way and give them the opportunity to shop without even leaving home.


We decided to launch a promotion: minus 30% when buying any product from the Aromateque assortment with home delivery. For our part, we have created a series of email newsletters with appropriate conditions for the buyer.

To make it as convenient as possible for users to choose products online, we took into account the following factors:

  • the division of goods into categories in demand in letters;
  • the division into popular brands;
  • newsletters with new products within the same brand to users who bought something from this brand;
  • we also used the email newsletter as a kind of replacement for consultants in an offline store. These were not promotional mailings but informational ones. Such emails are necessary to increase the level of customer engagement.


Promotional and branded newsletters work well together. As a result, thanks to a series of mailings with the promotion – Minus 30% on any product from the Aromateque range in April (which turned out to be one of the most productive months), we received + 800% profit.

Overall project results

Staying always in touch with clients, despite external factors, we gradually approached the indicators that we now have, namely:

  • on average, thanks to email newsletters, the company’s income per month increased by almost 20%   year-on-year;
  • the company received +230 transactions during the quarantine period;
  • email marketing turned out to be the most profitable channel, with an ROI of over 1000%.

We should also consider that Aromateque products are mainly niche perfumes or elite care products, and the client prefers to buy such things in an offline store and choose right on the spot. However, we can’t deny that the popularity of online sales is growing in all areas, and an email newsletter is one of the best ways to reach customers online.