Integrate Email Marketing Automation Directly in the CRM

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We integrated Zapier with the CRM SaleFreaks were using. This enabled integrated automation of the whole email marketing funnel for their leads.

About the Client

Dropshipping has become the go-to business for people who want to get rich quickly. The premise is simple – the dropshipper transfers the customer contacts directly to the manufacturer or retailer, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. Or, to put it simply, a dropshipper resells products without even having to buy said products in the first place.

At least that’s how it works on paper. In reality, dropshipping is an arduous process of looking for the right products at the right times, whilst paying attention to your competition and the lowballing they do. Then, you need to make an educated guess on what will sell, list all products manually (hundreds may we add), and hope for the best.

This is the problem SaleFreaks is solving – streamlining the whole process. They have developed a dropshipping application that allows sellers to dropship items from Amazon to eBay, or to Bonanza, and vice-versa. Their app named Coupon Hunter allows dropshippers to find items with high-profit margins, then allows them to list these on another selling platform for a higher price, which in the end leads to, well, profit. And not only that, it allows spying on the competitors, seeing their prices, and real-time analytics. All this via one platform.


The Challenge

The company was using the PipeDrive CRM system and they wanted to integrate email marketing automation directly in the CRM. The goal was to automate the Pipedrive’s Pipeline process with email marketing by generating and sending emails for each customer, no matter of the step of the Pipeline they are currently in. If it was only that, it would’ve been a simple job. The bigger challenge was to automate the process of sending emails to customers who have moved to another step of the pipeline. After in-depth research, we found out that there aren’t many software products that allow such automation with the PipeDrive system.

However, we aren’t a team that gives up that easily. In the end, the Zapier software had the missing link that allowed full automation with the PipeDrive CRM.


The solution to the problem was to integrate Zapier with the CRM SaleFreaks were using (PipeDrive). This enabled integrated automation of the whole email marketing funnel for their leads via the Pipeline.

The Process

  • Creating a list of questions for the client
  • The client’s answers pointed out the automation problem and gave some valuable insight in what needed to be done
  • Outlining the automation process (Email sequences and Workflows)
  • Creating the email templates
  • Setting-up the Zapier account
  • Defining the suitable Zaps
  • Creating the Zaps themselves
  • Connecting the necessary tools
  • The email automation was live
  • Continuously collaborating with the sales department to optimize the automation process


  • Fully automated email marketing process
  • Reduced time necessary to adjust the email marketing campaigns to a bare minimum
  • Increased productivity of the sales team