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We create Platform, for sports teams who want to be at the forefront of performance analysis and communications technology.

The Challenge

Reduce the chance of human mistakes as much as possible, to fix the communicational clutter and provide one singular platform for all the above-mentioned needs.

ILG business was in a close relationship with some professional rugby coaches and players. That led to some insights about the management of a sports team. Usually, team staff share essential info or insights about their opponents: videos, strategies, schedule, physical training progress, roster status, etc. All this information used to be analyzed only during team meetings. As you would expect – this meant that the communication was very slow. Also, it was pretty complicated to spread the latest updates among all teammates and staff.

Teams used different services to share info: Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube, or Whatsapp. Using numerous platforms in one organization would usually lead to missing or losing some essential information, or adding (or removing) every member of the team manually to the mentioned services.

Our goal here was to minimize the chance of a human error as much as possible, to fix the communicational clutter and provide one singular platform for all the above-mentioned needs.

Less clutter – more control.

Having analyzed the organization processes of the teams, we knew we could fix at least 90% of the problems.

Most of them were related to information management or information sharing issues, so the core structure of functionalities now looks like this:

  • Team feed. Daily news and info for the team and staff.
  • Hub. File storage and file preview tool.
  • Pro review. Games and training previews, video analysis.
  • Wellbeing. Monitoring the physical and mental status of the players.
  • Calendar. Daily tasks and events in one place.
  • User management. The properties and settings of the user.
  • Instant messaging. Chat tool integrated into all the modules of the system.

It’s not a secret that all the members – analytics, coaches, and assistants, contribute information in a team.

Everyone shares and creates new material every day. That’s why our team decided to make all the information accessible by a mobile app, while information storing, data analysis and creation processes ought to be done on the desktop web version.

The Results

Having tried the product, all the teams have become able to set aside tools like Google Drive, DropBox, Whatsapp or YouTube and rely only on the tool we created.

That followed our constant updates and support of the product since 2012.

We are very proud that we have been nominated for 10 accreditations over the years.

2018 Sports Business Awards
Finalist – Best Business Serving Sport

2018 Sports Technology Awards
Shortlist – Best Elite Performance Technology

Elite Sports Performance Innovation Award 2017
Finalist – Elite Sports Performance Innovation

Sports Business Awards 2017
Finalist – Best Small Business Serving Sport

Sports Technology Awards 2017
Finalist – Best Sports App

Sports Technology Awards 2015
Finalist – Best Technology across Multiple Sports

Sports Technology Awards 2015
Finalist – Best Sports App

Comms Business Awards 2015
Finalist – Channel Product (Cloud-Based Solution Deployed)

ETA Event Technology Awards 2013
Finalist – Best Technology across Multiple Sports