Impact of Page Speed (Google) on Search Rankings

PureLocal Australia
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PureLocal investigated the short and longterm effects of Google Page Speed test scores on the overall ranking of domain subsets.

Prior to testing, Google analytics and webmaster metrics were measured. The website Best Price Audio was not optimised for Google PSI (Page Speed Insights) with an average score of 50 and 51 for mobile/desktop view. Following this we completed the following for the website front and back-end :

  • General code consolidation, CSS/JS/HTML compression, Cloudflare JS defer increased server RAM and CPU specifications, image compression via Imagekit.
  • This resulted in an average and overall PSI (Google Page Speed) score of 75 and 92 for mobile/desktop respectively.
  • The image below outlines the overall improvement in ranking based on improvements in on-page speed/coding. The number of backlinks and other factors were held constant during this study.