Brand Positioning and Website Redesign

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We helped Indeni gain clarity on communication through our brand messaging workshop and delivered a redesign that connects on a more meaningful level.


Indeni is offering a whole new approach to firewall security infrastructure. It combines vetted knowledge from a global community of security experts with enterprise data and offers it as auto-remediation for security threats. And that’s the really abridged version. But that’s a whole lotta info for anyone to process. Combine that with the fact that they needed to be able to speak to two unique audiences—the C-Suite decision-makers, and the engineer/users—and you get a monster positioning challenge.

Their previous site was not offering any clarity or demonstrating the massive impact their product could have on their audience and global business as a whole.


We started by honing in on what truly matters to the distinct audiences Indeni was trying to connect with. We aimed for things that make a greater impact rather than a general interest in keeping devices “healthy” which felt more status-quo than major business impact.

The result provides clarity on how to speak to each audience both in sales calls and on the website.


In addition to having a site that more clearly demonstrates Indeni’s value and potential impact, they also now have a comprehensive set of branded messages designed to speak to various audiences and counter objections before they’re given.