Inkman Tattoo Studios, Mumbai

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Inkman Tattoo studios wanted to increase their brand presence on Google search engine and social media platforms.

About the Client

Inkman Tattoo Studios is a custom tattoo studio located in Thane (Mumbai) & was founded in 2007 under their old name ‘The Nomads Tattoo Studio’.

Project Delivery: (Duration – Ongoing)

Setting up the SEM/SEO of the website and managing social media pages of the company

  • Curated the SEO/SEM of the company by adding keywords and monitoring the meta tags of the webpages
  • Handled the social media marketing campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram
  • Provided ideas for the creation of marketing campaigns and advertising videos
  • Monitored the content of the webpage to analyze the keywords
  • Handled the Google analytics and Facebook business of the company

Achievements: (6 months from the start of the project)

  • Increased the social media presence of the company in Thane District and Mumbai
  • Set up the content for effective SEO of the website leading to an increase in organic website traffic
  • Increased walk-in clients and telephonic inquiries through effective social media campaigns
  • Built a strong social media presence with high customer engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Developed the sales in new areas like Central Thane District and Rural Thane District and generated increased revenue of 30%.
  • Successfully achieved 2.2% CTR for with 3134579 impressions and 1800 clicks. There were 1000 followers on the Facebook page and 1500 followers on Instagram