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A complete brand overhaul for a client in the niche transition. A brand new logo, name, business motto, and brand book were created.


As a company mainly in cleaning services, property management, and maintenance, Tip-Top24 needed a swift brand transformation due to the expansion of its services and target niche. Changing the name and visual identity, Tip-Top24 become Lux Top 360, a one-stop-shop for luxury real-estate owners. Providing them with 360-degree support in renting and maintaining luxury villas. On the other hand, Lux Top 360 came to be the first-class concierge service provider for tourists who are keen on high-luxury vacation.


A dash of glamour, exclusivity, and the proper measure of class and elegance joined their forces in forming the image of the Lux Top 360 brand. Using the power of design and color at its finest we have transformed the nettoyage concept into a premium brand known for the most exclusive offers and services when it comes to luxury tourism.

Also, we’ve created a top of the mind effect with a 360-degree keyword.  The concept consists of rather different services, but visually always united under the unique identity of the brand logo. Property management, maintenance, welcome packs, cleaning, and concierge – all come down to 360-degrees.