Management System for eCommerce Website

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The development of a web portal and mobile apps on iOS and Android, and web design services.

The client is an internet provider that also has its own internet shop selling network equipment and computers. The network has a wide presence in Ukraine with its warehouses located all around the country.

Inoxoft company was requested to create a website for online sales and make the interaction with the site pleasant for both users and administrators.

The initial task for the Inoxoft company was to make an online site that would enable an easy process of ordering goods online. The client wanted each customer to have a personal account with the cart for saving the purchase.

Later on, the emphasis was put on the creation of effective ERP. The system had to produce detailed reports of the sales managers and product realization. Additionally, the client wanted to collaborate with the other shops for the realization of the goods. The client wanted to attach the internet shop and its goods with the retail shops.

The Enterprise Research Platform was constituted of a set of modules each of them systematically satisfying the needs of the client. The Registration module allows the site visitors to create personal accounts for collecting the orders. Also, the managers have the ability to create an account within the ERP system. The Purchasing module was devised to establish a reciprocal connection with the customers for them to have an ability to learn about the company’s vendors, return the faulty or defective products. With the help of the Orders module, the managers can view the full list of ordered items and track the current status of delivery. The Discount module analyzes the history of orders and counts discount for each client individually. The products module shows the actual number and other specifications of the goods present in each warehouse tracks the movement of the products to the warehouses and includes the XML/XLS import tool for the product list.

Thanks to the Reports module, the executives can track the realization of goods from cooperating shops and by different managers, in such way analyzing the efficiency of the sales process actors. The HR module collects information about all company employees. Another prominent feature of the module is that it counts the salaries of each worker with the help of specially devised algorithms. The ERP settings are easy to change using the System Settings module. Here the managers can add or delete warehouses, change the currency, and make any required corrections.

The online market allowed the company to attract a wider audience with the convenient UI/UX as well as the following features:

• Personal client accounts
• Reporting system
• Salary generative system
• Discount system
• Tracking the status of an order
• See the movement of goods to and from warehouses

Currently, the website covers all the warehouses and the shops it works with and provides the users an instant approach to the up-to-date range of items present in the warehouses.