Mission Hill: Cultivating an Online Experience to Mirror a Sophisticated Winery

Major Tom
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Mission Hill is globally-known for its award-winning wines. However, its brand and wines were not accurately represented on their website.

About Mission Hill

Mission Hill Family Estate is globally-known for its world-class architecture, elegant award-winning wines, and commitment to sustaining the Okanagan Valley. For the last four decades, they’ve provided a level of sophistication for guest experiences — whether you’re enjoying wine at their vineyard, in a restaurant, or at home for the first time.

The Challenge

Mission Hill’s brand and winery’s level of modern sophistication was not accurately represented on their website. Difficult to navigate and not mobile-friendly, the site resulted in low conversions. In the light of COVID-19, their eCommerce integration took on greater priority. Since people could not visit the beautiful winery in-person, it was now paramount that they got that experience online.

The Solution

Major Tom’s UI and UX team redesigned their website hierarchy and design — with the user at the centre. Then, incorporating seasonally inspired videos and images created an elegant ambiance. To support the user-centric strategy, we designed their content strategy to show, not tell, the Mission Hill brand story through authentic copywriting.

By modernizing their eCommerce platform and functionality, guests now have a seamless, easy-to-use online shopping experience. Everything flows holistically to romance the consumer online that leaves them with a wine-order confirmation in their inbox.

The Results

A website designed with the user at the centre is a website designed to convert. See the leaps and bounds in numbers here:

  • 99% increase in website sessions
  • 94% increase in mobile sessions
  • 31% increase in overage session duration