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MVP for Passenger Transportation

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SolveIt built a native Android app for convenient communication between drivers and customers.

About the Project

InterCity is our MVP project. The main goal was to test increase the level of customer service and reduce the significant workload on operators. With the help of MVP, we were planning to find out more information about our project’s business hypothesis, identify its main features, and grab statistics about its target audience, without overspending valuable time and funds.

The Solution

We decided to develop the Native Android app via Java. The main functions of this application are…

Actuality for a Business Owner:

  • The possibility of passenger cashless payment before the trip
  • Built-in reporting tools
  • Convenient interaction between the driver and passengers
  • Always current list of passengers
  • Increased customer service
  • Simple and convenient CRM-system
  • iOS/Android support

Convenience for the Client:

  • The ability to view the bus trips schedules in real-time
  • Push – notifications about vacant seats, ongoing promotions, changes in travel schedules
  • The ability to confirm the reservation through the app
  • Allow getting current information about prices and free seats
  • The ability to pay for a ticket through the app in any convenient way with just a few clicks

Actuality for Drivers:

  • Receive changes in the list of passengers in real-time
  • The possibility of making a phone call to the passenger directly from the application, which has already been entered his number, his full name, place of landing
  • Sending a passenger delay message – the dispatcher will immediately contact the client to clarify its location

The Result

Since the project was about creating MVP, we haven’t yet launched the project. However, we are satisfied with the results. The functionality of the app we received fits for our purposes. With this MVP we can go further and get audience feedback and in the future, it can evolve into something even more interesting.