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A leading Dutch driving school that designed a unique methodology of teaching driving theory in one day

Being one of the highest-rated driving schools, NuTheorie needed to automate its customer support service. In order to improve overall workforce efficiency, Enkonix created a CRM system that would fully comply with requirements and satisfy the customer’s needs.

TECHNOLOGIES: Vue.js, Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Project challenges

NuTheorie had developed its own structure of managing clients. It was poorly synchronized and suffered from data losses. We had to reorganize already existing processes into an automated system of managing customers’ applications.

In a highly competitive market, we had to decrease the time to register clients in the CBR system.

The company was reserving exams for all clients but 20% of applications were unpaid. To avoid financial loss we needed to integrate a prepayment system.


We have created a CRM system that allows managing all applications, taking into consideration individual customer preferences. This lets Nutheorie reserve those dates that are available in CBR. Such planning helps to register all the students, thus increasing profit.

We have developed an easy-to-use structure for the customer support department. They are able to track all client applications and receive updates on free time slots in different cities to match client requirements.

Our team has implemented Mollie payment service provider to the application form. This accelerates registration for the closest date and allows the sales department to contact potential leads.


Our team rebuilt the architecture of the system while preserving its core values. This helped to decrease the time and cost of implementing new features. We doubled processing speed, which reduced the number of bugs (and all the possible scenarios where they could have appeared) by a factor of two to three.  We also improved reservation speed and increased the number of simultaneous reservations. We beat our competitors and book 70% of available exams daily.

We developed automated reports for customer support representatives, helping to enhance serving efficiency and decrease the cost to serve each client. Now the company uses almost half the resources on the customer service department than before.

We rebuilt the landing page with the integrated Mollie payment service provider (70% of all applications are now billable), using Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to improve speed. AMP helped to boost the traffic by 80%, thus increasing the number of new customers and the company’s profit by 20%.