Oskar Blues Brand Design & Asset Creation

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Brand development and asset creation for Oskar Blues Brewery.

Work Summary

Oskar Blues is one of the nation’s largest craft brewers with popular products like Dale’s Pale Ale. Although the craft beer segment continues to grow, Oskar Blues had identified spirits as its next business opportunity.

Situational Analysis

Oskar Blues needed a brand that continues its irreverent banter while communicating the products it carries. Their launch flavor was a 7.3% ABV Moscow Mule made with real vodka and ginger beer. Moscow Mule is produced on site and sells at $12.99 a 4-pack.

Key Issues

Although there’s a clear familiarity with the beer industry, Oskar Blues had no prior spirits experience. Communication on what the product was to distributors and consumers was a “must” for launch.


We created Spirits by Oskar Blues, or SOB, to communicate the products produced and provide a cheeky abbreviation to be used in marketing materials along with branding/marketing elements to support it.

  • Creative: Take “big beer” head-on by taking a humorous spin to marketing terminology used to sell products in the category (e.g., Clean. Crisp. Refreshing.).
  • Packaging: Separate the brand from Oskar Blues so consumers don’t associate it with beer and clearly communicate what’s in the cans.
  • Website: Designed and built mobile first to engage consumers on the go/at retail with enough trickery to keep them engaged.
  • Video Assets: Scripts were written to make Oskar Blues’ employees uncomfortable with reading bad marketing lingo. Employee reactions were used to create six ads which truly capture authentic, genuine reactions to the new brand.


5,000 unique users visited the website within the first two weeks of launch with an average of 2 pages visited.

Visitors spent close to a minute engaging with content.

The videos launched in Colorado and have received 500k views in the first month, helping bring more awareness to this new product. The implementation of all these assets has helped SOB crank through 350 cases a week with production expanding to other states in the coming months.

Check out Spirits By Oskar Blues’ YouTube Channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5HW3kzVQYkxB7Wx6-kZMw