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CemtrexLabs and CemtrexVR teamed up to make a remix of the classic arcade game, pong.

Product Details

Quazar is CemtrexVR’s remix of the classic arcade game, Pong. Teleporting you to a void in space where matches ensue infinitely in the Quazar Tunnel Arena. Testing your skill against the QuazarAI or an unbeknownst challenger (multiplayer coming soon) to prove if you really are fast enough. Quazar currently features classic and hyper modes with an online match update to be released by end of the year.

Quazar began as a rapid application development experiment for new members of our VR engineering team. Working over the course of 8 weeks – the Quazar team developed the game design, art style, and assets as well as the actual game codebase through a truly iterative design and development cycle. As our RAD-development prototype began to mature we worked to optimize Quazar for the Oculus Go and our own Cemtrex SmartDesk as destination problems.

You can download Quazar for the Oculus Go now in the Oculus store.