Reviving a Brand to Reach a Community in Need

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We helped refresh the SCFHP brand and marketing collateral so they could increase patient outreach and retention.

About Santa Clara Family Health Plan

Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP) is a local nonprofit that offers medical care to low-income families. Since 1997, they have focused most of their resources on providing quality healthcare services; thus, their brand has remained stagnant. The SCFHP logo and marketing materials became outdated and struggled to influence enrollment in their programs.

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Without evolving, a brand like Santa Clara Family Health Plan will lose patients to larger companies simply because they lack visibility.

We helped refresh the SCFHP brand so they could increase patient outreach and retention. The new designs would offer a warmer alternative to major competitors like Anthem Blue Cross.

A good brand builds relationships

SCFHP wanted its new brand to stand out in the healthcare industry, to reflect the range and quality of its services, and better appeal to the diverse community they serve. We created an extensive visual system to reach these goals and give the brand a distinct personality.

While other healthcare companies seem cold and corporate, they are warm and approachable. We modernized their logo, extended their color palette, created a new library of images, and introduced illustrations to bring life to their materials. The new brand is expressive, personal, and deeply connected to the needs of their patients.

The client defines our approach

We had major hurdles to overcome with this rebrand. After 20 years of operation, with hundreds of individual brand assets in their arsenal, and a large Governing Committee to oversee approvals, SCFHP required a custom, methodical approach. To that end, we did extensive competitive and industry research. We discussed every detail of our design decisions and supported group reviews to guide them in earning internal support. We also avoided detailed timelines and project plans to remain flexible to their feedback, and used every conversation to align on a path forward.

We’re an extension of their team

There is no better indicator of success than when a single project leads to an influx of new requests. After the initial rebrand, SCFHP continued to enlist our help with their most crucial outreach materials. We’ve helped expand their brand into a robust visual system and have gained a deep understanding of their company that will help us continue to evolve it. We’ve been tackling new initiatives and campaigns, and will happily field their ongoing requests to provide the creative support they need to ensure their brand meets its long-term goals.