SAY – 2019 Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign

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App launch process of optimizing the product, UX-UI, marketing messages and the entire user’s journey to get SAY to overachieve their goals.

About the Project

With the rise of mobile devices and social networks – people feel more alone than ever before.

Even at family gatherings, people are more engaged with their phones than their family members. And when parents, siblings, and children are actually apart – it’s even more difficult to stay in touch.

Radiant wanted to solve this phenomenon and bring back real family connections by creating a new mobile platform.
They came up with Famifi! An app that’s based on creating video chat groups that help to connect by injecting entertaining interactions to inspire families to engage more.

A Test-Based Approach

The main challenge of bringing users into a new social platform is that they need to get others to join or they won’t have anyone to talk to within the app.

Instead of endless nights discussing every strategy and future step – we decided to partner up with Moburst, the mobile success agency, and to do things with a unique, test-based approach.

The first test was designed to determine if it was kids or their parents that were the main engagement driver.

Adults converted better, so we started testing the messaging.

We saw that parents want to communicate more, and the emotional messaging approach worked best.

The next few tests were about the design style and answering these key questions:

Should we show people using the app in many different situations throughout the day?

Or show just the UI and presenting amazing family moments?

We tested multiple combinations of App Store screenshot designs along with preview videos to get the optimal cost per install and for a retained user.

Optimizing all those variations and the onboarding of the app got us from 9.2% click to install rate all the way up to 69.9%.

After studying user behavior we changed the name to SAY – which proved to be more relatable and resonated with a much wider audience.

Now, after refining the whole onboarding of the app, we started promoting the app with a mobile media campaign.

We experimented with hundreds of micro-segments on Facebook and Instagram. We also used many mobile ad-networks and Apple Search Ads using thousands of related phrases.

Each micro-segment got a different ad showing different use case scenarios and different reasons for downloading.

Each media source was optimized for deeper events such as registered users, added contacts, and most importantly, the cost of getting a user who sends an invite to their family.


Radiant managed to drop the average cost per install from $4.38 to $1.77.

We got the cost per invite sent dropping on average from $37 to $8 – and in some channels even to $3.5.

We surpassed our quarterly goal by 80%.

We got tens of thousands of active users in less than three months. We also got a huge spike in organic users.

As we were indexed for more than 490 keywords in the top 50 on both app stores.

SAY is developing each and every part of the user’s journey to help families connect.

We’re now allowing the ability to expand their social circles with fun public groups where they can also meet people who share their interests.

SAY is ultimately bringing loved ones and new friends closer than ever.