Sri Lanka Telecom

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OTT/IPTV App that allows subscribers to subscribe and consume video content via app and tv.


Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is launching their IPTV platform. For that, they chose Netgem (from France) as their Set Top Box (STB) vendor. SLT wanted to build some custom apps on Netgem STB to increase their revenue and decrease their operational costs.


To build 3 apps: Self Care is required for the navigation of the subscriber, Campaign Management is to push banner and video ads to subscriber and TV messaging (TVMS) is to broadcast emergency messages and TV2TV chat (like Whatsapp). This will be extended to build personalized ads on TV and Chat Bot for Over The Top (OTT) apps to bring down the support costs.


We started with defining the user flow and user stories. These were converted to Interaction design and visual designs, as per SLT guidelines. The development was done on Netgem STB SDK for front-end and Java and WebSocket programming in the backend.

Today there are 200K IPTV subscribers.