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The Lottery Lab offers its users the complete freedom to access information about the lotteries played across the United States.

The Lottery Lab offers users complete access to lottery information for over # lotteries across the United States.

“Help me win the Lottery!”

This request from friends and coworkers spurred the development of The Lottery Lab. This unique platform was founded in 2017 with the sole motive of helping people understand the lottery better.

While no responsible lottery analytic tool can guarantee lottery success, The Lottery Lab staff quickly realized that many people were dissatisfied with their lottery experiences simply because games and their jargon can be difficult to understand.

The Lottery Lab is proud to provide tools and techniques that analyze past lottery results and provide relevant lottery information. The Lottery Lab doesn’t guarantee that you will win the lottery; rather the staff combines their natural interest in lotteries with statistical tools to detect patterns within individual lottery machines and the frequencies of numbers.

The Lottery Lab is an independent information and analytical service that prepares you to win because you always have to be ready to win!


Access To Relevant Lottery Information

From its very beginning, The Lottery Lab was founded on the notion that lottery players benefit from relevant and consistent lottery information. This means formalizing the information about lotteries played across the U.S. so that even the minutest detail was clear for players. Examples range from defining standard game formats, explaining game rules with clear terminology, and clarifying prize claiming information.  Analytically, The Lottery Lab provides analysis of present and past lottery results,  calculates estimated taxes, and makes players aware of common scams.  The website encapsulates all of these capabilities for the client in an intuitive structure.

Lottery Analytics and Tools

The Lottery Lab was not designed around assumptions or unproven theories about lotteries.  Rather the whole idea of the website was to use factual data along with statistical tools to help users learn from the information and test their beliefs.  The client wished to incorporate lottery analytics so that users could understand the true potential of increasing their odds of winning.

Strategic Betting On Lottery Numbers

The client wanted The Lottery Lab to comprise tools and techniques that let players understand lottery systems better. These tools are based on statistical data analysis that provides appropriate information that can be utilized strategically to bet on the correct lottery numbers. The client wanted to introduce a virtual environment or simulation for lottery players to test their winning strategies or numbers and know what works the best for them.

Appropriate Lottery Particulars

The client’s goal was not limited to offering information, tools, or analytics. There are many considerations for lottery players and winners which extend beyond the numbers that are drawn for a game.  He envisioned a website that provided users with useful blogs and articles concerning winning and losing stories, informative content on lotteries, educated them about scams, and applicable taxes so that the website could serve as a complete hub of information and analytics for a lottery player.

Easy To Navigate UI

With so much to offer, the client wanted the UI to be easy to navigate. UI development was important for him as the features or information provided on his site were so diverse and varied. Since a poor UI can confuse and frustrate a potential user, the client required coaching on how to make all the features or tools included on the website easy to understand and navigate for the users.


Delivering a feature-rich and quality assured project required overcoming many distinct and unexpected challenges.  SoftUvo applied strategies to overcome all obstacles and deliver a comprehensive, integrated product.

Incorporation Of Lottery Data

One of the biggest challenges faced by developers was incorporating complete lottery data and including past lottery results. For the analytical tools to function properly and showcase accurate results, the data had to be compiled very carefully.

Tools Integration

The development of the analytical tools provided an opportunity for the developers to showcase their collaborative skills. These tools were based on statistical methodologies and were designed to function in four different ways. The tools detect the drawing pattern of lottery machines, analyze observed and expected frequencies of numbers, produce hot and cold numbers, and identify possible outcomes from multiples placed. All of this required sophisticated mathematical calculations, understanding of the lottery formats, statistical application, but all of this was accomplished to successfully meet the client’s needs.

Virtual Platform

In order to meet our client’s requirement for a lottery simulation, we had to offer the users a real-time experience of playing their favorite lotteries. This virtual platform will not only let users experience the thrill of playing a lottery but will also help them test any particular winning strategy of theirs or set of numbers to know what percent of these numbers have won and held a chance to win in the future.

Calculations For Taxes

The client wanted to incorporate a tax calculator which would calculate all the taxes as per the U.S Laws by just entering the winning amount. Web and App development is our niche! But dealing with a project that requires a whole set of information that alters with time and then exhibiting results working on respective calculations in the backend was an exciting challenge for us.


The final product not only helped the client showcase his idea in the best way but also helped him drive more traffic. He was more than happy with the positive results that the site ensured.

Lottery Tools

As per the client’s recommendations, the lottery tools now consist of Frequency Analysis, Tightness Test, Transition Matrix, and Lottery Wheel. All of them function and analyze the data entered in the best way possible, offering the users with approximately accurate results so that they hold a chance to win big.

Incorporation Of State and Multi-State Lotteries Data

The Lottery Lab has worked on incorporating the multi-state and state lotteries played in the U.S. It includes game details, rules, claiming sections, and results for every designated lottery.

Lottery Results

The Lottery Lab provides its users with the latest as well as past winning numbers, with just one click.

Lottery Simulation Tool

A virtual platform wherein the users can have a real-time experience of playing their favorite lotteries.

Number Checker

The Number Checker allows the users to fill in their desired numbers and check whether these numbers have been the winning digits or not.

Lottery Tax Calculator

This calculates the taxes on the amount entered as per the U.S. state laws for every different state.

Lottery Jackpots

This page lets the users view the potent jackpots for all the lotteries. It also exhibits the change in the winning amount with respect to the previous one.

Lottery Blogs and News

This page comprises all information and news with respect to lotteries played all over the U.S.

Easy To Navigate UI

The website has a simple and easy to navigate UI, which acts as an added advantage for us as well as our users. The Lottery Lab serves as a one-stop solution for all lottery related queries.

Softuvo Solutions has been a building block for The Lottery Lab and has propagated the brand name worldwide!