Uncontested Divorce

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Yaniva and associates homepage

Created for a company specialized in divorce.

Who We Were Working With?

A law company specialized in divorces.

What Was the Goal?

We had to make a clear vision that divorce can be the same easy service as others and does not have to be necessarily long and bureaucratic procedure. The company gives the opportunity to make a divorce comfortable, less harmless and clear process.

Complexity is to be informative, show how easy and qualify the guys to do their job. They had a good knowledge and make the process just easy, so the clients don’t need to do more than it takes and always supported by the company’s specialist.

What We Have Done

We made easy to interact, an informative site with a logic structure that gives all the information that the client needs. It clearly shows all the benefits and has a very impressive visual marketing tool – timer with the time left till divorce will be done if you start to work with the company immediately.