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Advantal Technologies
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Designed and developed by Advantal, Vender Infra is an effective cloud-based B2B digital platform and vendor database to help infrastructure.

Vendor Infra can manage Infrastructure projects of all sizes with efficient vendor search, collection, immediate quotes, and specialist contractors. The users can also view project history and analytics, during various phases of a project, such as bidding, execution, and so on.


Better Business Opportunities

High-level verified vendor database and secure vendor management framework. It empowers you to seize the best live business opportunities. Collaborate online with your chosen vendors within the network for quicker project analysis and allocation.


With a profitable vendor discovery solution, the solution is designed to address service purchasing challenges and reduce procurement costs and time. Bidding and business development costs and time are also reduced.

Enables Business Diversification

The construction intelligence data and information segment will assist businesses in rapidly expanding their operations to new geographies, states, and sectors.

Risk Reduction

The tool mitigates risks of over-quoting and under-quoting for contracts. It also ensures on-time vendor availability at the execution phase and practically reduces the likelihood of delays and penalties on the project.

Key Features

Salient Features:

● Verified cloud-based vendor database & secure vendor management framework
● Vender Search by rating, size, and capacity.
● Hassle-free proposal management system with an easy-view dashboard.
● Account access from any device to enable faster response tracking.
● Vendor Infra profile creation and sharing it with verified members.

User-friendly Design

Ability to send instant proposals or request quotations to get the right service. The user can track the responses from any device. The profile view is designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-comprehension along with a detailed report.

Real-time Updates

Real-time information on the sector, including an overview, insights, updates, sample PQ & tender documents, competitor and client details, current pricing, and risk evaluation.

Enhanced Transparency

For a transparent and streamlined shortlisting procedure, the tool has a 100% verified database of suppliers and contractors.