Visit Carlsbad #ColorsOfCarlsbad

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“Colors of Carlsbad” is an integrated marketing campaign designed to build the ‘Visit Carlsbad’ brand image.


“Colors of Carlsbad” is an integrated marketing campaign designed to build the ‘Visit Carlsbad’ brand image with luxury travelers, culinary enthusiasts, wellness seekers, avid golf/tennis players, and families.

The campaign goal was to make Carlsbad the hottest destination for Insta-worthy images and secure its presence as the city with the most attractive offering for travelers’ social media feeds.


As visual content is increasingly dominating how consumers discover products, brands, and destinations, our team worked to design an INNOVATIVE campaign that showcased Carlsbad’s sandy beaches, blue ocean, floral fields, green hills, and eclectic urban environment. Influencers were challenged to create content that highlighted the perfect colorful background environments in Carlsbad, in line with the official PANTONE COLORS OF TRAVEL 2018 to help inspire travelers in search of the best and most vibrant travel destinations to showcase on their social media feeds.

The influencer selection process involved targeting audiences of older Millennials with spending power and families with young children.

Influencer Curation

Our team hand-selected vetted and activated two high-impact travel influencers from the West Coast and the Southwest who had between 50k – 200k followers on Instagram.

Campaign Execution

The campaign involved a two-phase strategy that incorporated Pantone as a partner to increase credibility, reach and interest amongst audiences. In Phase 1, our team worked to develop the “Primary Colors of Travel Study” in partnership with Pantone. HireInfluence conducted a study of the top 20 travel influencers to identify a handful of the top trending colors of “Travel.” The color study was then directed to PANTONE to select and officially name the “Top Colors of Travel.” The study involved taking a deeper look into leading travel influencers’ most engaging posts to try and understand why certain colors were connecting with audiences and what that might mean to us as a society.

In Phase 2, the colors that were chosen in Phase 1 for being the most engaging, were highlighted across the landscape of Carlsbad, California and influencers were challenged to shoot stunning User Generated content as they chased the “trending colors of travel.

Content was published across Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook and Pinterest.


With just 2 influencers, the campaign garnered 2.4M impressions and achieved over 55,700 engagement indicators for just $0.16 CPE.