Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Acme Intern Campaign

Movement Strategy
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We took over the Looney Tunes social media, utilizing the latest trends & memes to create content, resulting in increased followers & fan engagement.

Warner Bros. wanted to make Looney Tunes a notable account worth following that’s just as hyper-relevant and clever as its cartoons. They wanted to expand their reach, gain followers, increase fan engagement, and generate hype for their brand as part of the long run-up to the 2021 release of the new Space Jam film starring LeBron James and the new Looney Tunes cartoons on HBO Max.

By creating the persona of an “Acme Intern,” we took over the Looney Tunes social media accounts, utilizing the latest social media trends and memes to create content. The results accumulated increases in the brand’s Twitter and Instagram accounts:

  • 129K New followers (+60%)
  • 47.5M Impressions ( +956%)
  • 1,156 Tweets (+484%)
  • 5.1M Engagements (+1,508%)
  • 223 Instagram posts  (+220%)
  • 12.6 Instagram engagement rate (+6%)

Compared to the previous 6 months.