Web & App Dev for Car Transportation Platform

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Singulart provided web-based and application development services, working on a solution to automate deliveries and billing.


Bona Express Corporation is a company offering trans-coastal personal car transportation services in the United States. It required a unified system for its employees – managers, dispatchers and truck drivers – to take better control of its core processes. The client searched for a delivery partner with relevant experience in the transportation industry. After contacting his network he was advised to hire Singulart to solve this challenge.


Singulart took a careful approach to study the client’s business requirements. The team of business analysts came up with several approaches to address the client’s challenges. The final solution included:

  • A back-end system is written in Node.js
  • A multi-platform mobile solution for truckers (iOS and Android)

The solution centered on automating deliveries and lading bills processing. It aggregated data within a single web platform that provided access to recent route and delivery information for all process participants, and ensured they were on the same page.

The drivers got equipped with mobile tools to fill out transportation documents, while managers and dispatchers could trace their path and load delivery status through pictures taken by the truckers.


The solution developed by Singulart simplified paperwork for drivers, and the company could leverage the system to gain more transparency into its internal processes and better monitor them.