Latest AngularJS Development Tools for Developers in 2021

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When it comes to web development, the development sector has observed significant growth globally.

Businesses across different industry verticals are choosing web and mobile app development for making their online presence. Therefore, the agencies which offer web development services are expanding their reach to a broader audience through various development services.

Thanks to JavaScript frameworks, it became possible that businesses nowadays are proudly asking for different web and mobile apps. And the reason behind this increasing demand for reliable AngularJS development services and their frameworks witnessed within the last few years. It not only helps developers but also becomes reliable among the customers for maximized use. This is because such development tools accelerate the development process that results in saving valuable time and money.

AngularJS is one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks among the developer’s community. Created by Google developers, the framework is capable of developing dynamic web apps and Single Page Applications (SPA). Other than this, the framework consists of several tools and plugins which simplify app development for both designers and developers. Its structural design architecture makes developers build maintainable applications coded in HTML and JavaScript.

Here in this blog, we will discuss AngularJS development tools that help developers in building high-quality and robust web applications.


Karma is one of the most liked testing frameworks for AngularJS development. It lets developers test their applications in a real ecosystem like browsers and devices (phones and tablets). They can perform unit testing, E2E testing, and midway testing to find potential issues in the application. However, Karma is accessible only when you open programs listed in the configuration file. Further, these programs are linked to the dynamic program to make use of and requests, even when you run tests on the application. Let’s have a look at some significant highlights of Karma, the AngularJS development tool.

  • Open Source
  • Test on Real Devices
  • The Remote Control
  • Easy Debugging
  • Continuous Integration

Till now, 186 organizations have used Karma, including Typeform, GitLab, and Accenture.


Protractor is Google’s offering that is used to perform E2E testing on AngularJS apps. It is an AngularJS program that is based on WebDriverJS. The platform allows developers to test applications in real ecosystems like browsers. Other than this, this testing framework has a unique feature of syncing the web page and tests, once the task is complete. Several other features of Protractor include automatic waiting, tests like a user, etc. while the organization which has used Protractor as a testing framework comprises Gartner, IWB, etc.

Web Storm

WebStorm is an intelligent IDE that enables developers to code in multiple languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Other than this, they can utilize this AngularJS program for modern technologies as well. Like they can perform client-side and server-side development using Node.js.

WebStorm offers insights for smart coding, progressive error prevention, autocompletion, refactoring features, and others. This helps in improving developers’ productivity and taking development to a whole new level. There is integration ease as well that allows integrating popular frameworks like AngularJS & Meteor, instruments for code analysis, testing and debugging, and various VCS (Version Control System). Webstorm offers a variety of features including Git support, Intelligent IDE, Easy JS debugging, and more. More than 800 companies have used WebStorm likewise Accenture, Lyft, Beppo Company, and others.


Jasmine is a behavior-driven testing framework that does not depend either on browsers, DOM, or any JavaScript framework. One can use Jasmine for projects developed on Node.js or any other technology using JavaScript. When utilized for the testing of web development projects, Jasmine automatically monitors and recognizes JavaScript classes and frameworks.

Jasmine is an open-source platform that has been utilized by 213 corporations including Walmart, Typeform, and Accenture. allows the use of Mentions and Macross widgets without dependencies on JQuery. It is easier to apply the directive directly to any element which results in receiving selectable text inputs.


The tool is a collaboration between Django and Angular. It enables developers to create Angular-based web apps and their content without any hassle. Therefore, it eliminates the requirement of integrating Django for each project separately.

Other than this, it allows the creation of different name escapes and implementing a consistent content structure for your apps. Djangular provides CSPF protection that makes your application highly secure against a data breach or any other security issues.

Angular Fire

Angular fire is a tool meant for backend development if you are willing to develop an Angular app. In addition to this, you will get benefited from an active AngularJS development IDE to take care of the application’s coding. Among other benefits, it includes a flexible API, 3-way data binding, and rapid development capabilities that simplify the development of Angular apps.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most preferred text code editors from developers across the globe, and the reason behind such maximum acceptance of the Sublime Text is the granted coding ease along with the testing facility. Therefore the majority of developers prefer to choose Sublime as a text editor.

Other than the coding and testing ease, Sublime Text offers programming ease for Python through a dedicated programming interface, or you can write code for cross-platform app development as well. While working on the Sublime Text, developers can edit two locations in a single file side by side. It offers a split-screen editing facility that results in improved developers’ speed.

This tool can also be used for Angular web development for editing source code. Other than this, it consists of several features which makes it an ideal IDE for developers. Such as

  • Goto Anything: This feature helps in reaching a proper line or word instantly.
  • Goto Definition: With this feature, one can get information about any element just by hovering a mouse over the symbol.
  • Command Palette: This feature is cumulatively a set of things using which you can perform several activities like syntax changing & shorting, and indentation setting changes.

In addition to these, the Sublime Text editor consists of facilities such as Cross-platform, Split Editing, Instant Project Switch, etc. that supports accelerating the development process.

Angular Deck Grid

Angular Deck grid is a lightweight grid for AngularJS. It is used for code instructions when the directive does not depend on its visual representation, since it uses a CSS file to receive visual representations.


Mean is an AngularJS tool that works as a perfect boilerplate for all platforms. Developers use this tool to build apps based on MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and Angular JS. Mean comes packed with a preconfigured set of modules such as Mongoose and Passport that simplifies the development of apps for the majority of developers.


Using these AngularJS tools, you can develop a fantastic web app for your business within less required time since these tools simplify web app development to a greater extent.

However, the tools can return maximum productivity with higher efficiency only when skilled and experienced Angular JS developers utilize them. Therefore, if you are looking to use these AngularJS development tools for your web app project, don’t forget to hire experienced AngularJS developers from a reputed web app development company. Those who can serve you according to your project requirements and budgets.