Top Reasons for Adding Push Notifications to WP Websites

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In this article, we will help you to integrate the push notifications to your website or blog. This way you can generate more ROI to your business.

How are you managing the web pages and posts if you own your website?

Do you have any idea that paying attention to your visitors and their comments have a major role play for your WordPress website?  It can give you a large amount of audience which is an ultimate reason for your business growth.

We have a way out that can give you some sort of relief from regular visiting of the website. It is as simple as creating a push notification.

Push notifications are the best means to provide notifications to visitors when they are not reviewing your website.  

Every day, we all get many notifications on our desktop browsers or mobile phones. Regular users of WhatsApp and Facebook or other social networks are fully aware of this fact.

These days, these small things contribute a lot to businesses. Push notifications have been used by several companies for some years now. With its regular use by existing and new companies, it is now available for small business and bloggers to use on their websites or blogs.  The push notification acts as a bridge between the likes and comments on your website or blog is receiving the real-time updates. This way you can give on timely feedback to the user’s queries and the reactions. The visitors highly appreciate regular feedback. You can capture your visitor’s reactions and can enhance your visitors.

Push notifications open a lot of possibilities for the website owners.  We all spend a lot of time on web browsers, so finding an easy way to connect to the visitors is not a bad option to follow. Push notifications often offer coupons and deals to the visitors for the new services and products.

Reasons for Adding Push Notifications to Your WordPress Website

Push notifications have become a critical way to convert visitors to loyal customers. It is known that almost 70% of the visitors leave the website if they do not find it attractive enough and never come back.  To avoid this situation, existing site owners started converting their HTML to WordPress or changing formats to drive repeat traffic, sales and conversion.

So, it is vital to convert the users into the customers and subscribers. It is a new way of communication to the visitors on your WordPress website.  A lot of users are not entertaining the emails they use to previously. Push notifications can bring back your visitors and customers to your website by giving a message in front of them in the form of an alert.

Sources say that the retention rate can be improved by 19% with the push notifications. With its plugins, the websites are receiving a major hike in the customer’s engagement that is from 25% to 30%.

Check out these benefits to assure yourself that push notifications are seriously doing wonders for the business market:

  • The customers have to provide significant permission to receive push notifications.  That signifies that they are interested in the offers you are providing and are likely to attain more customer engagement.
  • There is no usage of any algorithm and it delivers 100% assured message to the users.
  • These do not demand any attention as compared to social media updates and emails.
  • Push notifications give the authority to the businesses to control the notifications according to their demand and can streamline the process accordingly.
  • Push notifications have 50% of the open rate as compared to emails.
  • It gives a different pathway of communication for the WordPress website.
  • It does not give you the chance to miss any of the important information for visitor engagement with it’s on time pop up of the alerts.
  • Push notifications notify you no matter where you are and which device you are accessing.
  • These are effective when you host the “Ask me anything” session. It will help you to engage the visitors by allowing them to ask anything in the comment section.
  • With WordPress mobile application, you can receive regular activity alerts on your smart devices, like tablets, desktop computers, and mobile phones.

Till now, we have analyzed why push notifications are important. Push notifications offer a lot of plugins that make it effortless for the bloggers and website owners to use them to attain the best out of them. The push notifications are sent automatically when the user publishes the post after its initial configuration.  There are a lot of plugins that are provided by WordPress for push notifications.

WordPress push notifications plugins come in free and paid plans.  The push notifications give free service to the first thousand subscribers and later charges according to your demands and preferences.  You can also give an opportunity to the Custom WordPress plugin Development company to add advanced push notification features according to your preferences and help you to enhance your customer experience.

Concluding Remarks

Push notifications are the best piece for attaining more traffic to the website or the blog.  It depends on you when you will start giving importance to it. The sooner you will start using it, the sooner you will get it benefits.

We hope you will like this article and this has helped you to integrate the push notifications to your website or blog. This way you can generate more ROI to your business.