+44% Increase in Revenue with E-Commerce Design – Eastern Leaf

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Working with Studio gave Eastern Leaf a fresh, clean and modern ecommerce site that their customers love.


After starting out selling lucky bamboo arrangements at local farmers markets, Eastern Leaf has grown into a trusted source for high-quality bonsai trees, money trees, orchids and more. They have appeared in numerous publications and continue to hold high expectations for their products and customer service.


The main goal of the Eastern Leaf redesign was a light, fresh look and focus on mobile.

The homepage needed to seamlessly incorporate more information without feeling visually cluttered. The new design also needed to represent Eastern Leaf’s established branding that would resonate with their loyal customer base, while incorporating a fresh, clean look.

Our Approach

A Custom Design package met all of Eastern Leaf’s needs for an overhaul of their site. Our team designed a layout for the homepage that allowed for a lot of elements while still feeling well organized. Familiar but fresh branding was also a major consideration for the direction of the design.

  • Shifting the homepage to an informational focus
  • Blending the design into a seamless mobile experience
  • Maintaining the brand’s authority


  • +44% Increase in Revenue
  • +1,388% Increase in Mobile Transactions
  • +17% Increase in Time on Page