Creating Lasting Impressions for Bacardi Customers

Appetite Creative
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Designing a host of thumb engaging activities for Bacardi’s customers.


The goal was to create lasting impressions on their customers that they want to share with others and ultimately, lead to brand loyalty and show the versatility that Bacardi had and the huge variety of options in which it could be consumed. We needed to highlight the fun of Bacardi, as opposed to advertising the product, they created an association between the brand and a great experience.


Using Bacardi’s branding, we created the app that kept on giving. A gorgeous looking, perfectly functional experience that included a host of thumb engaging activities such as personality tests to find your perfect serve and the fact of the day. The star of the show was Rum Roulette, a chance to win a bottle of Bacardi rum itself or a voucher to redeem a mojito in participating bars!


With our GDPR compliant platform, we were able to capture all the rich user data like day time, drop off points, user sessions, locations, email addresses and competition entries. Users came back, on average, at least two times and we reached an impressive session length of two and a half minutes each time they opened the app.

In terms of the competition, 12 bottles of rum were given away as well as over 900 mojitos. We created brand awareness, repeat users, and a remarkable session length. A clean, gorgeous, fun, and sleek design permitted by our rock-solid code. Bottoms up!

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