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an airplane taking a left turn in a mostly blue sky

Building brand culture for the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world.


Embraer invited Tátil to embark on a challenging journey: translate its brand strategy into verbal, visual and sensory expressions. Together, we identified the need to unify and update all the brand expressions by creating a new language system. It would need to reflect the essence of a pioneer company that is passionate about challenges, committed to continually evolving, and exceeding expectations in providing the best solutions to its customers. Thus a new language was born to meet the challenge of endowing the Embraer brand with strength and consistency, and prepare it for take off towards the future.


To build a unique identity, we immersed ourselves in the brand strategy, developed by Gravity London. We collectively explored the concepts, working hand in hand with the Embraer team. The workshops only reinforced how “developing with” is much more effective than “developing for”.

The result of this collaborative effort was the definition of original and consistent expression guides, capable of translating the brand into form and content: Bold & Flex, Tech & Human, Micro & Macro.

Counseled by advisors, we developed the guidelines for Verbal Language and the Visual Language system. We defined a new shade of blue and a color palette inspired by the colors of the sky. We designed new elements that reinforce the brand messages and enrich its graphic repertoire. We studied shapes, textures and materials to create the design language, which will provide guidance for spaces, events, experiences and products.


The result is a striking language system, aligned with the Embraer brand values and consolidated in the BrandBook and BrandCenter – a living tool that allows these guidelines to be improved and updated as needs change and the project evolves. The new language was launched at the Le Bourget – Paris Air Show 2017, one of the biggest aviation events in the world. As it takes flight, the language begins to be disseminated and affirmed, through workshops, training, and compliance for national and global partners. This combination of ingredients, the user rules and inspirations is the result of a close partnership between Tátil and the Embraer team. It ensures consistency, impact, and clarity in brand communication and is perfectly aligned with its mission: Challenge. Create. Outperform.