How To Get 135% Revenue Growth Through PPC?

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In this case, we share how PPC Ads can help Businesses grow.

The client:

Business: niche perfumery and brand makeup

Agency’s Goals: Transactions growth and CPA decrease due to optimizing the Google Ads account (increasing the quality indicators, decreasing the CPC, getting rid of ineffective campaigns, groups, and keywords, expanding the effective campaigns, and searching for new account development solutions).

Terms: 01.09.15 – current time.

Tools: Google Ads – search campaigns, Display Network remarketing, Display Network Dynamic Remarketing, dynamic search campaigns, Gmail campaigns

After one month of work, we achieved the following results:

  • 6% budget decreasing
  • 5% transaction number growth
  • 10% CPA decreasing
  • 135% revenue growth

Currently, the transaction price has grown due to price growth and higher competition. But the average purchase cost has also grown. The overall revenue and charges correlation keeps growing. You can see the last month to previous years’ correlation data on the diagram below.

August 2016-2018 growth tendency
Revenue per 1UAH charge