Mercury Processing Services International – Brand Identity and Website

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Presenting a fintech company’s culture and innovative solutions.

Website as a Part of Digital Presence and Rebranding

Intesa Sanpaolo Card (now Mercury Processing Services International) is a fintech company that was widely considered to be a bank because of its connection to the Sanpaolo banking group.

As they were leaving the group, they got the opportunity to rebrand and show who they really are – an international technology-oriented B2B company whose business is to provide innovative payment solutions. Their culture is much more similar to startups and modern IT companies than corporations.

The Assignment

Rediscover the brand image and build a new website, with three goals in mind.

  1. Introduce a new brand identity
  2. Present their innovative solutions to clients
  3. Attract potential high-performing employees

Partnering Together through Multiple Workshops to Reach the Goal

To allow the seamless transition of the company’s brand perception, we conducted multiple workshops together with the Mercury marketing team and their stakeholders, where we precisely defined user needs, pain-points, and most importantly, company goals that needed to be addressed through brand perception transition.

Creating the Digital Brand Identity

Since Mercury PSI is a modern company, the website and brand have chosen colors that represent their contemporary spirit. While choosing the color, writing style and showing the authenticity of the company through photos, we have been trying to move away from the whimsical, artificial style that represents their competition in the fintech industry.

A Website Suited for a Dynamic Corporate Culture

A dynamic presentation of content was used to emphasize innovation as an important part of the company’s culture. The historic progress of the company and their most important services are shown in the innovative spirit of the company.

People are those who make the company—that was our main principle in creating and organizing information architecture for the “Careers” page. The right type of potential employees is crucial for constant company progress, which is why we worked closely with Mercury’s teams to bring out the personal and human approach to finding the right people fit.

Showing Their Expertise and Why They Are the Leaders in Their Industry

In the payment business, security is a top priority, and Mercury’s purpose is to continuously provide secure services to their clients and customers. Their expertise is shown through multiple security certificates, but more importantly, we wanted to show that they are a socially responsible company that is environmentally aware.

As a leader in their field, they share their expertise and organize forums and events. This is why we put a big emphasis on creating a digital space that would cover all the latest trends in the payment business industry. A place for all payment industry professionals to get notified about their events, and find all relevant information and materials as if they had attended the actual event.

Getting It “Right” across the Globe

Though customers visit the website from every corner of the earth, Mercury PSI has 5 main markets. The website is carefully made to fit the demands of these markets, as well as their cultural inheritance. The website is optimized for 4 main language groups, including Arabic, where the extra effort was put in to ensure a seamless experience that fits different cultural needs and habits.

Visit and take a look at the entire website!