Onalytics App Development

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Onalytics is a tool that shows the effectiveness of the site in comparison with competitors and subsequent actions to achieve the highest score.

The Client

Exposure Ninja is a Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to generate more revenue from the Internet. They do this by building high-conversion websites and driving traffic with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social.

About the Application

Onalytics is an application developed for Exposure Ninja. It integrates all the analytical data of the industry in which the website operates, into one final report. The primary goal is to show the effectiveness of the site in comparison with competitors and the subsequent actions to achieve the highest marks.

Exposure Ninja works in the field of digital marketing. For success, they need additional services that will be automated and do not require a long search. Since Google Analytics does not provide enough analytical data on market competitors, even taking into account innovations in benchmarking.


Onalytics includes many reports that can analyze in more detail the situation in the industry as a whole, show the client a number of its strengths and weaknesses and give initial recommendations for improving indicators.

When Onalytics connects to work, it collects analytical data from Google Analytics, according to the client’s informative settings about the industry, the company’s field of activity, geography, etc. That is, Onalytics connects to Google Analytics and provides the client with a detailed report on the performance of its web resource.

It compares the average customer and competitor indices by such parameters as visitor management, conversions, search traffic, PPC traffic, social media traffic, mobile. And in the end, it gives general and priority recommendations.