Renowned Fashion Label for Women | Anita Pokrivač Design

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Marketing and brand strategy for fashion brands, such as our client Anita Pokrivac Design, has now clearly shifted to a predominantly digital experience that goes beyond an online purchase.

About the Project:

Anita Pokrivac Design trusted us to take the brand from conventional ways of showcasing fashion collections. Leveraging the learnings, we created an experience that places the fashion creations and the possibility of ordering online first. Playing off of the brand’s soft colors and open feel, the end result was a mobile-focused website that not only attracted potential customers but helped expand the brand into new markets.

Main Challenge(s):

To grow brand visibility and gain community engagement, our development style included a multi-dimensional, cross-channel approach with emotional content experiences at strategic touch points.

Agency Solution(s):

We implemented a new Google Analytics account that provided a global view while holding the existing implementation intact. We also created custom dashboards showing metrics that were aligned to the business KPIs and primary business objectives. The client now has the ability to properly track and analyze data through the Multi-Channel Funnels reports in Google Analytics.


laptop computer displaying anita pokrivac website with clothing listings