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We helped a restaurant gain 1000’s of new opt-ins to their email list and get featured in 250+ media outlets with a viral publicity stunt we created.

The Mission: Get As Many People Talking About Los Toros As Humanly Possible

Los Toros is an iconic family-owned restaurant and cantina in Chatsworth, CA.  Cowboys used to park their horses in the parking lot to eat there… They are famous for their wildly addictive bean dip and margaritas.

The entire neighborhood and community all contributed to the restaurant in any way they could, setting up a GoFundMe, hosting tailgates and other events to try and bring more people to the restaurant to support the community staple.

The Plan!

We crafted a plan to create a publicity stunt and live event: “Spending 24 Hours in a Tub of Bean Dip for Los Toros.”

Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Company Co-Founder, Hunter Ray Barker, took the honor of baking in the pool of bean dip for 24 hours.

To promote the event and build the email list for the restaurant, we created an opt-in sales funnel for the business promoting a $200 gift certificate (or 50 bowls of bean dip) that would be announced “live from the tub.”  The online promotion captured thousands of new opt-ins for the restaurant to market to.

The Publicity Stunt Results

The stunt for Los Toros resulted in a viral explosion for the restaurant.

  • Over 250+ different media outlets covered the story
  • The press lasted for two months
  • The video originally posted by Reuters received half a million views in the day
  • #BEANS started trending on Twitter
  • The posts garnered tens of thousands of shares in the first week
  • We got to speak about the stunt on the Kelly Clarkson Show “LA Stronger” episode alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Value Of Marketing Stunts

Mitchell Jackson is our publicity director.  Prior to working in communications, he worked as a journalist at national outlets in New York and Los Angeles.  He understands news because he used to write the news, and he’s worked with many of the top young reporters in America.

As the publicity director on our marketing stunts, he develops and executes press strategies to create TV, radio, online, newspaper, and podcast hits about our clients.  Take our bean dip stunt.  The press coverage appeared organic but prior to execution, Mitchell and our team spent weeks crafting a unique, nuanced multi-pronged press plan.

Everything we do is purposeful. We create magic, not accidents.  When we executed the PR roll-out, our stunt pushed to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. Los Toros appeared on The Today Show, the New York Post, NPR, Morning Edition, Fox News, the Daily Mail, Reuters and over 250 more local and national outlets.

We created over $5 million work of press on a bare-bones budget.