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A marketplace enabling social media influencers to offer short, raw, personalized video advice to their fans.


A marketplace enabling social media influencers to offer short personalized video advice to their fans. On the platform, anyone can purchase exclusive services and guidance from the influencers they love most.

How Did We Do It?

Firstly, the subscriber needs to determine an issue he/she is interested in. To overcome this step, the platform offers you a few questions. The responses are being processed and sent to the influencer as basic information about the problem.

Then the user is welcomed to choose how the main question is better to express. The platform suggests different ways of introducing the key point.

The first one is a text message. Users are free to write whatever they want in order to introduce the deep meaning of their issue.
Another one is a video shot. It is an excellent and easy way to represent the point of yours and let the influencer opportunity to get closer to you.

Also, people can make voice records. Its function is similar to videos and serves as an alternative for a shot.

Business Challenge

Scale about is a Fan-to-Creator platform that enables fans to receive personalized video advice messages and services from their favorite creators. ScaleAbout offers creators of all sizes a new opportunity to make a living while remaining authentic. It gives a new way of communication freedom to people who live online.

Solution and Process

The LinkUp Studio team was responsible for the building server-side and front-end part of the software. We used Ruby on Rails for this aim. Except for Rails programming, we also made database design. All code has extremely high test coverage. For the front-end, we also changed profile UI.

We consulted with our UI/UX team to provide the best experience for our users. We also give our creators an opportunity to set their responses very personal to every single fan We are in constant communication via Slack with another front-end team from Ukraine and Israel.

Besides this, we handle weekly planning and demo calls. Besides the development process, our team also participated in presentations activity. For example, at the beginning of 2019, we adapted and presented the platform to the company Yoola.com.