Motion Design – Animation as a Means of Visual Communication

Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH
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What belongs to successful motion design and what are the requirements? We give you a quick overview.

The definition of motion design is still not uniform today. The term “motion graphics” is often used as a synonym. It is audiovisual image design and consists of the interplay of image, photo, film, illustration, word, typography and sound. And it is precisely this synthesis of different design disciplines that makes motion design so interesting for the advertising and film industries.

Currently, explanatory films are in demand like never before. They can make complicated facts, a product, a process or a service understandable to the viewer within a very short time.

Many people think it only includes a PC, the necessary software and there you go. It’s not that simple, or do you think up your advertising campaigns yourself?

Motion Design is an extended form of graphic design. For example, to receive a target group-oriented, effective and successful explanatory video, things such as form and color theory, image composition, dramaturgy, CI-compliant design, a target-oriented visual language and many years of experience in animation. The art of motion design lies in the combination of individual design elements, graphic stylistic devices, as well as sound and all that in a temporal sequence. Perfectly coordinated, these individual disciplines result in a round picture, which ideally conveys more than mere information content and triggers emotions in the viewer.

In the future, motion design will also be used for many interfaces between man and machine. Whether on the smartphone, the infotainment system of new vehicles or generally when operating user interfaces in everyday life and in public spaces – moving content offers a wide range of possibilities for conveying information. No matter in which direction this evolution progresses, one thing seems certain: the future remains moving.